Anthony  D  Buckley

Here are some links to a selection of articles I have written. I hope you enjoy them.


Short Articles


It was like Eldorado for a time

Late night drumming

The frustrations of fieldwork

W.P. Nicholson - Preacher, 1876 - 1959

‘Framed Wall chart: First Loyal Boyne Society 17 October 1798’

Religious Glossary

Fall of a landlord


Longer Articles


Royal Arch, Royal Arch Purple and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Why not invent the past we display in museums?

“Daring us to laugh” Creativity and Power in Northern Irish Symbols.

Rise up Dead Man

Overcoming Reticence

Fighting and Fun: Stone Throwers and Spectators in Ulster Riots

Ethnology in the North of Ireland

The Chosen Few

'"We're trying to find our identity": uses of history among Ulster Protestants.’

Variety in Popular Ulster Culture

Unofficial Healing in Ulster

Identity In Schools And Museums

The Orange, Royal Arch Purple and Black Institutions and their degrees

Dramatizing Identity: Playful Rebellion

Presenting a divisive culture: two exhibitions at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Mutual understanding and cultural heritage in an oasis of calm: divided identities in a museum in Ulster

Being Saved: A Change Of Identity

Collecting Ulster's culture: are there really two traditions?

Aristotle and Cricket: Drama in Retrospect

Conflicting Histories

Beliefs in County Down Folklore

The Calvinist Opposition to the 1859 Revival

Three Churches at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Neighbourliness, myth and history

The case of the Cushendall schoolmaster

Telling stories with objects

Walls within walls: religion and rough behaviour in an Ulster community